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  1. Nica
    Nica at | | Reply

    So excited to try this! My only question is, what length of paracord did you use to acheive which length of collar? I’d hate to cut mine too short and discover it halfway through my collar! Argh!
    Thank you for sharing this! :)

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  4. Tonya Sue Erick
    Tonya Sue Erick at | | Reply

    Where did you get the slide release buckles?

  5. Eunice
    Eunice at | | Reply

    Hi! I was just wondering, is this kind of collar alright for cats? I know they have narrower necks than dogs as well as more fragile ones too. I’ve been looking into creating my own collar since I don’t see one that I really like in stores. Thanks.

    1. dana
      dana at | | Reply

      Eunice, The slide release buckles are not good for cats. You need to get specific buckles for cats. They are quick release or also called break aways. Cats get caught up in stuff and will panic and throw their bodies around. If you don’t have a quick release buckle they can get themselves in a lot of trouble. I have made dog and cat collars for a few years and used to sell them online or at craft-shows.

  6. Yayan
    Yayan at | | Reply

    Hi! I wanted to ask if you notice the collar stretching out at all after using it a few times – I’d hate to make it just right at first only to have it stretch out to be too big later on! Thanks!

    1. Becca
      Becca at | | Reply

      The paracord will stretch out over time, but if you put it in water it’ll strink back up

  7. Nikki
    Nikki at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,
    Really love the design of your collar, I have a labrador she is only ten months and I really want to make her a collar. Living in England I don’t have the luxury of Michaels (will have to stock up when I visit florida this year). I was just wondering if you have ever made a lead to go with the collar.?

  8. Kathryn
    Kathryn at | | Reply

    I have made a few things with paracord (bracelets, dog collar, key chain, water bottle holder) From my experience and what I have read for that knot you should expect about a foot of cord for each inch you need. I have yet to try it but I saw a tutorial that says you should boil the cord first because it will shrink when it gets wet. It also said you can boil it once its done to tighten the knots.

  9. Olivia Cross
    Olivia Cross at | | Reply

    What colour is this paracord

  10. Caroline
    Caroline at | | Reply

    I’ve just maded one for my dog Beagle x Jack Russel, named Cooper. I have the color: Neon turquoise with black. It is beautiful on my dog. Thank you verry much for making this blog. My dog thanks you to!!

    Caroline & Cooper

  11. Shelbi
    Shelbi at | | Reply

    Hello I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions how I could make this color adjustable? I wanted to make some as gifts but it’s too hard to know exact sizes without asking for them?!

    1. Becca
      Becca at | | Reply

      They have smaller “belt buckles” that you can use

  12. Katie
    Katie at | | Reply


    I’m just wondering if anyone knows if the buckle has to be a particular type? and what size is best? I am picking up my puppy in 4 weeks, so have some time to get everything and start trying to make it :)
    I have looked on Amazon UK and there are millions of different buckle types & sizes!
    Also has anyone tried Kathryn’s suggestion of boiling the cord and is this a good thing to do?
    Katie :)

  13. Jennifer Priest
    Jennifer Priest at | | Reply

    OMG I love this! Totally adding this to my “things to do this summer” list :)

  14. Eunice
    Eunice at | | Reply

    Oh, wow. I have completely forgotten to check your blog post for the answer to my question. Silly me. Thanks for all those who answered my questions. I will definitely contact my vet and look into the breakaway clasps for the collars. Thanks.

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  17. Debbi Michael
    Debbi Michael at | | Reply

    Can you make this wider?

  18. Jen Hodges
    Jen Hodges at | | Reply

    Thanks for this tutorial! :) I made one for my little dog Daisy, and it looks amazing!!! :)

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  20. Sanja Maras
    Sanja Maras at | | Reply

    Hi :)
    Great idea and design. :) i will try to make paracord collar for my dogs but i wonder is it safe for dogs ? i don’t know how to make end to be safe for my dog.

  21. Natasha
    Natasha at | | Reply

    Would a D ring work too?

  22. Debbie
    Debbie at | | Reply

    Hi, I’m just wondering when you get to the end of the project where you burn the edges to prevent fraying… Won’t there be a problem with knots coming undone as all four paracords are not attached to each other? Thank you.

  23. Michelle Ragan
    Michelle Ragan at | | Reply

    You need to prewash and dry all paracod, it will shrink at least 10% or more depending on the color. You don’t want to make a collar and have it not fit after they swim or you wash the collar.

  24. diana
    diana at | | Reply

    Me encanta esta idea. Trataré de hacerlo. Te enviaré la foto con mi mascota una vez lo confeccione. Deséame suerte.

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