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  1. Rachel | 52 Weeks Project
    Rachel | 52 Weeks Project at | | Reply

    Super cute Heidi! Actually makes me want to give knitting another try :)


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  3. KM
    KM at | | Reply

    This is super cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  4. Janet Callaghan
    Janet Callaghan at | | Reply

    Great stitch, thanks for showing

  5. Alisha
    Alisha at | | Reply

    I love this cowl. I am going to give this a try after I finish my husbands sweater. TFS the pattern and video!!

  6. Viviana
    Viviana at | | Reply

    Hi, thanks for the pattern, super cute! I have a question, I knit in the round. How many stitches do u think I should cast on? Thanks

  7. Ruth
    Ruth at | | Reply

    Years ago when my daughter was a little girl I made her a hat, scarf and mittens using the same stitch. It is easy and very warm.

  8. Elaine
    Elaine at | | Reply

    I love that cowl, awesome. I also love your gloves. . . What pattern did you use or is it your own?

  9. Monika
    Monika at | | Reply

    Your cowl looks stunning!
    Thanks for sharing this stitch (great work with tutorial btw) because now I finally know perfect pattern to knit rug/door mat from t-shirt yarn. I’ve already tried the gauge and works great. You should try too if you are DIY addict :)
    Warm Regards from Rotterdam (NL)

  10. Deb
    Deb at | | Reply

    Heidi, being fairly new to knitting I have no idea what size needles to use, what is an “appropriate” size? Thanks.

  11. Kokeshette
    Kokeshette at | | Reply

    Oh, I love the stitch and the color !!
    And, as I already knitted a cowl with this yarn, I have the right needles ! No excuse !
    I think I might update my blog with this cowl in a few weeks… :-)
    Thanks for the pattern !

  12. Frida
    Frida at | | Reply

    Great pattern :)
    Thank you for sharing.


  13. Vicki
    Vicki at | | Reply

    Love this cowl. I am making one now for a good friend. Can’t wait to make one for myself. Thanks for the nice pattern.

  14. Kokeshette
    Kokeshette at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,

    My cowl is ready ! I followed all the instructions of your blog : I mean, I used the same yarn, same color, same quantity, same number of stitchs… :-) http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Kokeshette/faux-woven-cowl
    I love it !! And thanks for the explanation, especially the video of the stitch !
    Moreover, it made me try the provisional cast on and grafting.

    I’d like to share it on my blog, which is in French. Are you ok, if I just translate the part where you explain the pattern ? For the other instructions, I will redirect to your blog or some video in French.

    Thanks again for sharing !

  15. zouzoubidouille
    zouzoubidouille at | | Reply

    Superbe merci beaucoup pour ce beau modèle , il me tarde de l’essayer

  16. Cristina
    Cristina at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,
    I’ve made it!
    Only 2 days work :-)
    I’ve followed your instructions and made it with the very same yarn (that I had to mail order as it’s not easy to find in Spain). When the first skein finished I balled the second and then I took a pic of the work the ball & 3rd skein as was in a shabby chic theme. As usual I got side tracked with a mini chest of drawers I was decoupaging and was in the mentioned picture. When I restarted knitting I didn’t remember which side I was in & had to repeat the row 4 times :-(
    And then came the grafting. I didn’t follow it well the 1st time & had to repeat, but then I realized it was the same way my mum had taught me to join it (but for the leaving it on the needles) and as it was a bit loose I pulled the yarn. Once at the end. I realizad the loose thread was from the last row not the grafting so I ended up with 3 threads to hide thru the stitches. And now is 25ºC here in Alcalá de Henares so it’ll be a while before I try its warmth.
    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation & all the pics
    XOXO, Cristina

  17. ali
    ali at | | Reply

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing this lovely stitch. :)

  18. Ali
    Ali at | | Reply

    Thank you for this pattern! (And for tips on working it in the round) I just started it last night and it’s knitting up like a dream!

  19. Eliza
    Eliza at | | Reply

    I LOVE the texture of this stitch! I would like to knit a hat using the same pattern. Is this stitch particularly stretchy? Have you used for something other than a cowl before?

  20. Edith J. Nutt
    Edith J. Nutt at | | Reply

    Would you please show me your (A.K.A.) Provisional Cast On again.
    missed it.
    Thank you Edith

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