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  1. Rachel | 52 Weeks Project
    Rachel | 52 Weeks Project at | | Reply

    Super cute Heidi! Actually makes me want to give knitting another try :)


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  3. KM
    KM at | | Reply

    This is super cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  4. Janet Callaghan
    Janet Callaghan at | | Reply

    Great stitch, thanks for showing

  5. Alisha
    Alisha at | | Reply

    I love this cowl. I am going to give this a try after I finish my husbands sweater. TFS the pattern and video!!

  6. Viviana
    Viviana at | | Reply

    Hi, thanks for the pattern, super cute! I have a question, I knit in the round. How many stitches do u think I should cast on? Thanks

  7. Ruth
    Ruth at | | Reply

    Years ago when my daughter was a little girl I made her a hat, scarf and mittens using the same stitch. It is easy and very warm.

  8. Elaine
    Elaine at | | Reply

    I love that cowl, awesome. I also love your gloves. . . What pattern did you use or is it your own?

  9. Monika
    Monika at | | Reply

    Your cowl looks stunning!
    Thanks for sharing this stitch (great work with tutorial btw) because now I finally know perfect pattern to knit rug/door mat from t-shirt yarn. I’ve already tried the gauge and works great. You should try too if you are DIY addict :)
    Warm Regards from Rotterdam (NL)

  10. Deb
    Deb at | | Reply

    Heidi, being fairly new to knitting I have no idea what size needles to use, what is an “appropriate” size? Thanks.

  11. Kokeshette
    Kokeshette at | | Reply

    Oh, I love the stitch and the color !!
    And, as I already knitted a cowl with this yarn, I have the right needles ! No excuse !
    I think I might update my blog with this cowl in a few weeks… :-)
    Thanks for the pattern !

  12. Frida
    Frida at | | Reply

    Great pattern :)
    Thank you for sharing.


  13. Vicki
    Vicki at | | Reply

    Love this cowl. I am making one now for a good friend. Can’t wait to make one for myself. Thanks for the nice pattern.

  14. Kokeshette
    Kokeshette at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,

    My cowl is ready ! I followed all the instructions of your blog : I mean, I used the same yarn, same color, same quantity, same number of stitchs… :-) http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Kokeshette/faux-woven-cowl
    I love it !! And thanks for the explanation, especially the video of the stitch !
    Moreover, it made me try the provisional cast on and grafting.

    I’d like to share it on my blog, which is in French. Are you ok, if I just translate the part where you explain the pattern ? For the other instructions, I will redirect to your blog or some video in French.

    Thanks again for sharing !

  15. zouzoubidouille
    zouzoubidouille at | | Reply

    Superbe merci beaucoup pour ce beau modèle , il me tarde de l’essayer

  16. Cristina
    Cristina at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,
    I’ve made it!
    Only 2 days work :-)
    I’ve followed your instructions and made it with the very same yarn (that I had to mail order as it’s not easy to find in Spain). When the first skein finished I balled the second and then I took a pic of the work the ball & 3rd skein as was in a shabby chic theme. As usual I got side tracked with a mini chest of drawers I was decoupaging and was in the mentioned picture. When I restarted knitting I didn’t remember which side I was in & had to repeat the row 4 times :-(
    And then came the grafting. I didn’t follow it well the 1st time & had to repeat, but then I realized it was the same way my mum had taught me to join it (but for the leaving it on the needles) and as it was a bit loose I pulled the yarn. Once at the end. I realizad the loose thread was from the last row not the grafting so I ended up with 3 threads to hide thru the stitches. And now is 25ºC here in Alcalá de Henares so it’ll be a while before I try its warmth.
    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation & all the pics
    XOXO, Cristina

  17. ali
    ali at | | Reply

    Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing this lovely stitch. :)

  18. Ali
    Ali at | | Reply

    Thank you for this pattern! (And for tips on working it in the round) I just started it last night and it’s knitting up like a dream!

  19. Eliza
    Eliza at | | Reply

    I LOVE the texture of this stitch! I would like to knit a hat using the same pattern. Is this stitch particularly stretchy? Have you used for something other than a cowl before?

  20. Edith J. Nutt
    Edith J. Nutt at | | Reply

    Would you please show me your (A.K.A.) Provisional Cast On again.
    missed it.
    Thank you Edith

  21. Pamela
    Pamela at | | Reply

    Just a suggestion. Don’t play music in the background on your videos. It makes it very hard to hear what you are saying. And for those of us prone to migraines, that particular piece made it impossible to watch the whole video. Although it looks like you do a good job otherwise with your videos. :)

  22. Cris
    Cris at | | Reply

    I made this very same cowl thanks to you. The joining was a bit tricky, but…

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