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  1. Rachel Lyn
    Rachel Lyn at | | Reply

    I love this! I normally don’t like ombre yarn for anything than plain stockinet, but the eyelets really look fantastic. This is definitely something I’ll make for the next baby shower I’m invited to.

  2. beth
    beth at | | Reply

    cant wait to try this, thanks so much!

  3. Cheryl
    Cheryl at | | Reply

    What is the finished size of the blanket?

  4. Cheryl
    Cheryl at | | Reply

    Thanks so much! I love this blanket. Any more ideas or patterns are truly welcomed!

  5. katelynmade
    katelynmade at | | Reply

    Lovely pattern! Which is why I’m choosing to test it out. Relatively new to knitting, but I’m having trouble with the spacing between the gaps.

    With the gap rows…the first gap row says to k6. and the second gap row says to start with k2. I am doing this, however my gaps are not lining up properly. They aren’t spaced evenly. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?

  6. Norma Bethune
    Norma Bethune at | | Reply

    Hi, have just seen your blankie and although I’m not really a fan of holes in baby blankets, this is one pattern I’d like to try for baby pressies.

    The close-up shows you actually did “YO, K2tog” rather than “K2tog, YO” as in the instructions. This sounds minor and almost picky, but it makes a marked difference to the appearance! I tried both ways so can show you the difference in a photo attachment if you let me know your email address.

  7. Kristina Fisher
    Kristina Fisher at | | Reply

    i want to modify the pattern for my 3 year old nephew. I’m in need of some help. when I looked at the pattern it doesnt appear to have been changed from the error from last week. but, it’s very possible that i’m just missing it.

    Thank you!
    Kristina Fisher

  8. Jennie Warzecha
    Jennie Warzecha at | | Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing such an easy baby blanket pattern, using the only yarn I use Sugar&Cream, as I’m a beginning knitter who’s only know how are knit, purl, stitch togethers & yarn overs. Learning how to perfect my knit in front & back/increase stitch, but this pattern is perfect & I’m so eager to get started you’ve got no idea! Would really enjoy seeing more patterns similar to this in baby blankets, carseat blankets, washcloths & scarves :).

  9. Jennie Warzecha
    Jennie Warzecha at | | Reply

    Just to double check as I’m re-reading with a lil confusion, my apologies. The brackets in Rows 3 & 7 state above {K2 YO K6} is this correct or should it state {K6 YO K6}, am I not seeing an updated version? Thank you :)!

  10. Jennie
    Jennie at | | Reply

    Hi :)! It’s me again, I’m sorry… I just cast on my sts for this blanket, got thru my 1st 2 rows w/no problems. Thought I was doing fine n the 3rd row til I finished my lady set of {k2tog, YO, k6} & it leaves me with not 6 sts to finish the row but 8. I’ve counted, re-counted & even ripped the row out, counted twice again (always get the 88 sts) & knit it again to end with an extra 2 again??? Please tell me either that I’m nuts cause that’s how it’s to be or what in the world I’m doing wrong cause I so want this to work out & read this as a wicked easy pattern just can’t figure what I’m messing up. Thank you again & again, I apologize for bothering you :)!

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  12. Kerstie
    Kerstie at | | Reply

    So, I’m pretty sure this pattern was made for me! Not only did you post this on my birthday, but I have a schnauzer that looks just like yours and loves blankets, AND I just recently discovered this yarn for making washcloths. So I had purchased a bunch of it! Thanks so much, can’t wait to give this pattern a try!

  13. Kathryn
    Kathryn at | | Reply

    Hi, pretty blanket. I am eager for it to work out for me, too.

    I am trying to follow the pattern and am having the exact same problem that Jennie is having. It seems like it should work out, but I end up with two extra stitches at the end of my third row, too. I have ripped it out a couple times and tried again. I can see the stitches I have just completed (in row three) and they are just right, but why the two leftovers? I have done the math and it seems like it should work out exactly right with 88, but something is going wrong or I am overlooking something. Do you have any insight? It would mean a whole lot. Thank you!

  14. Sue Anna
    Sue Anna at | | Reply

    I am having a problem. Please tell me what I should do. I got through the first seven rows fine. Started back to repeat and after row 1and part of row 2 realized that it was wrong. Pulled it out and tried again. Same thing. When I begin row 1 on repeat I am on a purl row. Can I just reverse so will be correct and do the pattern rows on 3and 5? Not sure if this even makes sense. Also don’t have any idea why this is occurring. I haven’t been knitting long and also left handed. Thanks for any insight on this.

  15. Cheryl
    Cheryl at | | Reply

    I think it needs to say repeat rows 1-8, not 1-7. If you do not purl again on row 8, your pattern will reverse itself and be on the backside of the blanket. Hope this helps, it worked for me :)

    1. Sue Anna
      Sue Anna at | | Reply

      Thanks so much Cheryl! What I ended up doing after pulling it out several times and thinking I was doing it right, just added a row and made sure I was on knit row to make pattern! Wish I been smart as you and figured it out sooner!
      Thanks Heidi also for help!
      Loving me some hands occupied!!

  16. Sue Anna
    Sue Anna at | | Reply

    I want to make this smaller so could be used to throw over car seat or in air condition. Could you lead me to instructions on how to figure number to cast on? Math skills not working! Thanks

  17. Sue Anna
    Sue Anna at | | Reply

    Finished blanket and I really like but edges rolled. Solution for this for next attempt? Thanks! Last question I promise.

  18. Kelley
    Kelley at | | Reply

    I notice a lot of people make hats for babies using the sugar and cream cotton yarn. Everytime I pick it up in the store I just think of how rough and tough it is and set it back down and walk away. I then wonder if people have a way of making it soft for baby? What is your take on this?

  19. Anne-Marie Goodman
    Anne-Marie Goodman at | | Reply

    I have been knitting this pattern but whe holes are too big any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  20. Lynn
    Lynn at | | Reply

    As a fairly new knitter, I’m confused about the pattern. Some how I managed to lose 3 stitches. I started over a couple of times. I assume I should be doing row 8 as purl. Are row 3 and 7 supposed to start with k6 or k2. This is the pattern I’m following:
    CO 88 stitches
    row 1. k across
    row 2 & all even rows. p across
    row 3. k6, {k2 tog, YO, k6}, repeat from { to } until last 2 sts, k2
    row 5. k across
    row 7. k2, {k2 tog, YO, k6}, repeat from { to } until last 4 sts, k4
    Repeat rows 1 through 8 until you’re close to running out out of yarn. Knit rows 1 and 2 a final time.
    BO and weave in ends

    Thank you for your clarification.

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