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  1. Rachel | The Crafted Life
    Rachel | The Crafted Life at | | Reply

    How cool! Can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern!

  2. Namrata
    Namrata at | | Reply

    Superb ideas. Want to try ASAP.

  3. Sky Turtle
    Sky Turtle at | | Reply

    Neat! I was using my serger to attach the ends, but this looks much easier.
    I’ll give it a try. I also like you fabric choice <3

  4. Monika
    Monika at | | Reply

    Thanks for that great tip! I crochet a basket with yarn and loved it (2014 Xmas gift for neighbors!). Will look for fabric at thrift stores.

  5. Stefanie
    Stefanie at | | Reply

    Hi! I love this and making tshirt yarn and was looking into using the jersey fabric to get more consistent yarn. I just experimented with a small bit of unusable tshirt shaped like a rectangle using this method. I was curious how the corners of yours did when stretched out (when you turn the cut at the ends of the fabric)? Because mine were ugly and stuck out quite a bit. I’m not exactly an expert with scissors so I was just looking for some tips for this! Thanks!

  6. Stefanie
    Stefanie at | | Reply

    Oh and also if you know how many yards you got out of the fabric? any rough guesstimate will do!

  7. Stefanie
    Stefanie at | | Reply

    Thanks so much that helps a lot actually!

  8. Karenmf
    Karenmf at | | Reply

    why don’t we see bands/strands of just gray or just yellow in your ball of yarn?

  9. Sarah
    Sarah at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi
    This is brilliant!
    Thank you so much.

  10. Corinne Sweetin
    Corinne Sweetin at | | Reply

    Love this!!! I actually have a bunch of old jersey sheets I was saving for drop cloths. Nun-uhh! Not any more! 😉

    Loved the tote pattern too! Thank you!! ☺️

  11. rena visser
    rena visser at | | Reply

    Why not just remove the needles from your serger and use that to cut the fabric in strips? I’ve done it and it works wonderful – and fast.

  12. Ivy
    Ivy at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi

    Your yarn looks beautiful. I tried out the method but had a lot of problems with the corners. No matter how I pulled, the corners won’t curl in nicely. It just stuck out. So the necklace project I tried to make look kind of awkward with parts sticking out…

    Please help! Thanks! 😃

  13. Anuchida Kawashima
    Anuchida Kawashima at | | Reply

    Hi Heidi,
    I have problem with my crochet bag project. When I pulled the corner part is seem weird or twisted in different direction. Can you pls advise? Thanks in advance.

    1. Lori
      Lori at | | Reply

      It makes sense that it would do that because it is a different grain. Heidi, did you have that problem?. Would it be better to make strips straight on yardage and then sew together?

  14. Angela Faraguna
    Angela Faraguna at | | Reply

    Thanks for the tip . I’ve read a lot of sewing tutorials online where there was a tremendous amount of work involved in making one continuous piece of fabric. This looks a lot easier!

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