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  1. Kokeshette
    Kokeshette at | | Reply

    Thanks for this post and the pictures ! I have to admit, I don’t block my knitting projects yet… Only recently I started to make test swatches…
    I guess I still don’t have enough years of knitting behind me ;) (and I knit cowls, mostly…)
    I will try for the next project, with the help of your post !

  2. María Ivelisse Fortunato
    María Ivelisse Fortunato at | | Reply

    Excelente este articulo me encanta lo voy a poner en practica con mis trabajos.


  3. Bonnie mcmillen
    Bonnie mcmillen at | | Reply

    I feel so dumb, I always thought blocking was done with an iron and a damp towel.

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