Reader Gallery

Have you ever made a project with a Hands Occupied pattern or tutorial? Want to share it? You can use #handsoccupied, or you can email handsoccupied [at] gmail [dot] com – I’d love to post your projects!

afiveo's Basic Brioche Cowl

afiveo‘s Basic Brioche Cowl

iheartmytho's Long John Cowl

iheartmyTHO‘s Long John Cowl

valerieclaires's The Hat Hat

valerieclaires‘s The Hat Hat

mprice's Vintage Checked Mittens

mrprice‘s Vintage Checked Mittens

momto3dogs's Basketweave Baby Blanket

momto3dogs‘s Basketweave Baby Blanket

starryeyedandrestless' Basic Brioche Cowl

starryeyedandrestless‘ in-progress and finished Basic Brioche Cowl

Red Heart Hats by the St. Louis Knitting Guild

Hats by The Greater St. Louis Knitting Guild made using the Baby Hearts Hat pattern.

Red Heart Hats by the St. Louis Knitting Guild

76 red hats for newborns made by the The Greater St. Louis Knitting Guild.

kiese's Baby Hearts Hat

kiese‘s Baby Hearts Hat

itsgretchen's Winter Sea Stocking Cap

itsgretchen‘s Winter Sea Stocking Cap

coutrem's Mini Christmas Stocking

coutrem‘s Mini Christmas Stocking

courage7856's Baby Red Hearts Hat

courage7856‘s Baby Red Hearts Hat

hmckillip's Mini Christmas Stocking

hmckillip‘s Mini Christmas Stocking – She used it as a gift card holder! 

Ravelry user dancingferret's amigurumi poodle nip bottle cover based on the amigurumi nail polish cover at Hands Occupied.

Ravelry user dancingferret's amigurumi poodle nip bottle cover based on the amigurumi nail polish cover at Hands Occupied.

Dancingferret on Ravelry made the amigurumi nail polish cover, but she – like a genius – made hers to fit a tiny booze bottle. So awesome.

Ravelry user velmam's Basic Brioche Cowl from a Hands Occupied pattern.

Raveler velmam made the brioche cowl for her little girl, and she’s too cute!

@lornaparsons Basketweave Baby Blanket

Raveler lornaparson’s basketweave baby blanket, made using the Simple Basketweave Baby Blanket pattern

Raveler clairehs' chevron crochet hook case - Reader Gallery

Raveler clairehs’ chevron crochet hook case, made using the chevron sunglass case pattern!

Katelynmade's Spring 2014 Knit Along Socks - Hands Occupied Reader Gallery

@katelynmade’s take on the spring 2014 knit along socks!

Chevron Sunglasses Case by tattooedfish - Reader Gallery

Raveler tattooed fish made the chevron sunglasses case in a nice rose-colored wool!

Linen Faux Woven Cowl by petalofthelotus - Reader Gallery

Raveler petalofthelotus‘s take on the Faux Woven Cowl Pattern – I love this color!

Katelynmade's Staggered Holes Baby Blanket

@katelynmade‘s Staggered Holes Baby Blanket

LPCS Knitting Club

Reader Liliana started a knitting club at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Community Shelter. Guests have been busy making blankets, scarves, hats and more with knitting looms. So inspiring! 

@apriljanye's balloon garland

@apriljanye DIY’d a balloon garland for 8th grade dance decor!

Liliana's Hat Loom

Liliana, hard at work sizing a knitting loom to her head for a hat :)

Faux Woven Cowl by la koksehette

la kokeshette‘s faux woven cowl

Moewentaucher's in-progress little fox embroidery.

Moewentaucher‘s in-progress little fox embroidery.

Liliana's Tree Costume, Oct. 2013 - Hands OccupiedLiliana’s Tree Costume

ibranibella's take on the ruler clutch purse - Hands Occupied

@ibranibella‘s Ruler Clutch Purse